Kidsgrove Independents

We believe it’s time for a new kind of politics. One that doesn’t revolve around the colour of your rosette or the wider interests of a specific political party.

Kidsgrove Independents believe that it is about time that REAL PEOPLE with REAL INTERESTS and a REAL PASSION FOR CHANGE should show the political elite not to take the votes of the communities of Kidsgrove and surrounding villages for granted.

Why should Kidsgrove always come 2nd to Newcastle?

We don’t believe it should!

We are unashamedly pro-Kidsgrove!

We will represent the interests of Kidsgrove and no one else! If it doesn’t benefit Kidsgrove we will oppose it!

You can say goodbye to your Kidsgrove councillors supporting vanity projects that don’t benefit the public, such as the  Civic Hub in Newcastle. We will never support anything which puts us the people 2nd!

Our vision for Kidsgrove is a prosperous and thriving town that offers economic wealth alongside social, cultural and leisure opportunities, that enhances the lives and opportunities of every resident in Kidsgrove.

If this a vision that you share, please join the revolution and be part of the Kidsgrove Independents.

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