Pro KidsgroveWho are the Kidsgrove Independents?

The Kidsgrove Independents is a group that has been formed of members of the Kidsgrove Community who care passionately about the town and villages that we live in. These are people who believe that politics should not revolve around the colour of your rosette or the wider interests of a specific political party. The only interests that should matter, is those of the residents of Kidsgrove!

The Kidsgrove Independents group was the brain child of Ray Williams. In his past he has been part of both the Labour political group, however left when becoming disenfranchised with the fact that Kidsgrove was being neglected at the expense of Newcastle. The recent decision by the Labour led Newcastle Borough Council to close Kidsgrove Sports Centre has reignited Ray's passion for doing something positive to bring about change in Kidsgrove.

The group has quickly grown and now comprises of REAL PEOPLE, with REAL INTERESTS and a REAL PASSION FOR CHANGE. Kidsgrove is at the heart of everything that we believe in and we are 100% unashamedly pro-Kidsgrove! 

What is the purpose of the Kidsgrove Independents?

We aim to bring about a prosperous and thriving community that offers economic wealth alongside social, cultural and leisure opportunities, that enhances the lives and opportunities of every resident in Kidsgrove.

How is the possible for such a small local party? 

It all comes down to a game of numbers. The council will be made up of 44 seats in total. For any one party to lead the council they will need a majority of 23 seats. If the Kidsgrove Independents can be successful in all the seats we contest then this is highly unlikely for the political elite.

This means that deals will need to be done. Just like the DUP with the Conservatives in the national parliament. We propose to do exactly that. We will support which ever party will offer Kidsgrove the best deal. Quite frankly, we are unashamedly pro-Kidsgrove and will seek to extract the maximum for Kidsgrove, even if that is at the expense of Newcastle.

Kidsgrove has been neglected for years and now it is time to let the people take back control!

How do we differ?

We have no connections to the larger political parties. We don't have to worry about keeping other people happy or aspiring to climb the political ladder. We quite simply have to focus on ensuring that we represent the interests of Kidsgrove and no one else! 

You can say goodbye to your Kidsgrove councillors supporting vanity projects that don’t benefit the public, such as the  Civic Hub in Newcastle. We will never support anything which puts us the residents of Kidsgrove 2nd to Newcastle!

Our vision for Kidsgrove is a prosperous and thriving town that offers economic wealth alongside social, cultural and leisure opportunities, that enhances the lives and opportunities of every resident in Kidsgrove.

Join Us

We do not under-estimate the challenge that lies ahead. We need to be realistic that this is people power v the political elite!

If you care for Kidsgrove and believe in our vision, then why not come and join us? You can find the details on our Contact page.

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