Kidsgrove Let DownSome things really annoy me! The news on Friday that Newcastle Borough Council have the cheek to get excited about a £32 million pound new development in the centre of the Newcastle, just a month after they have closed the Sports Centre, just tops it off.

The Labour leadership in the council must be laughing their heads off at how they get away with treating Kidsgrove residents like a piece of chewing gum stuck to their feet. The problem is, they know that plenty of people in Kidsgrove will vote Labour regardless of how badly they are treated by the party. If they actually feared they would lose their seats, then they would not be coming up with schemes like this in Newcastle, whilst neglecting Kidsgrove!

You may wonder what I'm actually annoyed at? If you have missed it let me fill you in. That old Sainsburys land they purchased for nearly £1million and the old council offices they are moving out of. They now want a developer to build some more student accommodation and shops. We have no idea of the names of the stores who are lined up (if any?), however I wouldn't get too excited as the town of Newcastle appears to be deflating quicker than the bank balance of the council. This whole fancy scheme is meant to be worth £32 million pounds, with plans now being submitted to the council.

Well, If our Kidsgrove councillors actually care for Kidsgrove, then they will be voting against this development. It is simple - unless Kidsgrove gets equal treatment to Newcastle, then simply we don't support it. This is what all our Labour councillors should be doing, standing up for the interests of Kidsgrove. However, lets watch this space and see what happens? You can guess how they will all vote as look what their boss Elizabeth Shenton says; "This is another very welcome step forward for this important project. These are exciting times for the borough and this project will bring benefits in terms of jobs, improved shopping facilities and a significant amount of quality accommodation for university students." 

Sadly, we all know how they will all vote, as this lot we have in Kidsgrove are obsessed with putting self interest and party before the needs of the Kidsgrove.

If there is one thing I can promise you. I will never support anything in Newcastle if Kidsgrove does not get the same or better. £32 million spent in Kidsgrove would be the price that I would be charging for supporting any such project in Newcastle!

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