Nigel MorganNewchapel residents have a choice at this Newcastle Borough Council by-election. Choose more of the same from the establishment and the mainstream of party politics or to look for something different? A difference which is local, passionate and not ashamed to stand up for the rights and interests of the local community. We want to see positive change and investment in the area. This is what the Kidsgrove Independents stand for and why Nigel Morgan is the best candidate for Newchapel.

Are your fed up of career politicians taking your vote for granted and putting party, before people? If so, then its time to vote for change! Nigel Morgan is passionate about making a difference and fighting for your interests. Nigel is a member of the local community, with real interests and isn't afraid to challenge and upset the establishment. He isn't someone with party political aspirations, he is someone who like many local residents is exceptionally annoyed at how Labour have treated the area.

Read more about Nigel and his policies; Nigel Morgan for Newchapel.

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