Kidsgrove Sports CentreYou most probably are well aware of the shambolic leadership that Labour has allowed to take place at Newcastle Borough Council over the previous 3 ½ years! During this time the Labour Party has closed down Kidsgrove Sports Centre, wasted £millions on a new failing recycling scheme and of course spent £4.6million building a new council offices in Newcastle! If ever you want an example of a vanity project, where councillors put themselves before the people, Labour in Newcastle are the perfect example of this.

What is even more annoying is how our Kidsgrove Labour Councillors have just sat back and allowed this to happen! They have constantly put party before people! They talk about “giving Kidsgrove a voice”. Well, for 31/2 years they have failed to do this!

On Tuesday night there was a special council meeting called to discuss the shambolic operation of the general election in Newcastle-under-Lyme. The Labour Leader Liz Shenton faced a call to resign from the Labour MP, whilst the Borough Independents, who had been keeping the Labour Party in power at Newcastle – withdrew their support for the party. This being clear evidence that those closest to the Labour Party in Newcastle had lost confidence in it.

Rather than face a vote of no confidence, which Labour knew it would lose, the leader decided to resign at the start of the meeting. Councillors were now given a choice. They either back the failing leader who has overseen the shambles at Newcastle Borough Council and the punishment that they have served up for Kidsgrove, or to support the alternative option on the table, Simon Tagg.

We were asked to choose the “best leader for Newcastle Borough Council”. However as Kidsgrove Independents we make our decision based on what is best four our town and community. How could we look local residents in the eye, if we went and endorsed a Labour Party leader who has hit our local community so hard? It was also disclosed to councillors, prior to this meeting that Labour had been ignoring communication from the Kidsgrove Sports Centre Community Group who are trying to re-open Kidsgrove Sports Centre. This is not supporting our community and we could not vote to endorse this.

We voted for the interests of Kidsgrove at the local level, which NulBC has influence over.
Lizzie has starved the town of investment, spent £4.6m building a new council offices and to top it off closed down our Sports Centre! So we are hardly going to vote to endorse her!

That then only leaves one option. Simon Tagg has been championing Kidsgrove Sports Centre in the council and from the information the Community Trust have shared and Kidsgrove Independents Founder Ray Williams (a trustee) involvement, Mr Tagg has been in conversation with them and more positive about the proposals. This is something that Lizzie Shenton and Labour were not. We have learn't that Lizzie was just ignoring communication from the Community Trust, which is hardly helping and supporting our area.

That said, we are voting on a case by case basis. We are independent after all. If it doesnt benefit Kidsgrove then we shall not be backing it. No matter who proposes it!

What is the real question here is the Kidsgrove Labour Councillors. They voted to endorse a leader and policies which have impacted on the community of Kidsgrove hardest.
The Labour leader decided to resigned, rather than face a "vote of no confidence" in her actions.

That is how the local Labour Party has been operating. It is also interesting how they have suddenly appeared online since the council meeting. Yet, have you also noticed how they seem unwilling to answer the questions about Kidsgrove Sports Centre?

Labour Councillors and supporters are trying to re-write history. Notice however they have now only appeared “out of the woodwork” since been removed from control of the council. Ask yourself why they were hiding when in power? We suspect this has nothing to do with Kidsgrove and its needs and more about their own self interest.

At least your now aware that the only Councillors backing the leader who has punished Kidsgrove so hard, was the Labour Party. After all, they always put party before community!

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