I've just had to endure 2.5hrs of what could only be described as 'Politically Blame Gaming'.

If it wasn't for the fact - my young daughter (Miley) was with me (with the wife working) and I had to bring her home,
I'd still be sat watching a Full Council Meeting.
Where it was like watching a game of Political Ping pong. With each player (be they Labour or Tory) trying serve an 'Ace' against their opponent.
Coupled with the odd Labour candidate singing the virtues of their colleagues in Kidsgrove, for the benefit of the watching crowd (the Kidsgrove Community) in the gallery.

It only stopped during interventions from Margaret Astle and Reg Bailey, holding up volumes of reports. none of the ruling Labour Councillors had acted upon. I think they better get a shopping trolley for health reasons, before this saga is over.

And odd fits of laughter from the viewing public, at this farcical charade.

The upshot appeared before leaving (thou, they still hadn't voted) that none of 'ping pongers' dare not go against the wishes of the watching Kidsgrove audience and vote against providing a new Sports Facility and working closely to help Kidsgrove Sports Centre Community Group reopen the Facility in the meantime.

Jeez, it was frustrating to watch!


on the plus side-

whenever a person got up to speak, I could explain their political grandstanding and virtue signalling to Miley.

Sadly, it eloquently displayed what Politics is all about in the UK. 

a lesson in real life...

I just wish the rest of the Community, was sat next to her....


Ray Williams


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