Kidsgrove ProsperousWe are currently in the process of learning about the priorities of the residents of Kidsgrove and surrounding areas.

We will then use this feedback to fight for the issues that matter to all local residents.

Our vision for Kidsgrove is a prosperous and thriving town that offers economic wealth alongside social, cultural and leisure opportunities, that enhances the lives and opportunities of every resident in Kidsgrove. All of our polices that are developed will ensure that this vision can be achieved.




Kidsgrove Sports CentreFighting Newcastle Borough Council to fund the immediate re-opening of Kidsgrove Sports Centre

At the end of June Kidsgrove Sports Centre sadly closed its doors for the final time. This was the result of ALL LABOUR COUNCILLORS voting to close the Sports Centre at a private Labour group meeting. These very councillors spent a period of time appearing to "hide away" from the public and hope the issue would disappear. Well it won't and hasn't. Residents have now been left with no access to council community recreation as a result of this decision from your Labour Councillors, however despite this your still paying the same amount of council tax for a leisure service that you can no longer receive.

Since the closure of the centre a community group has been formed with the plan to reopen the Sports Centre as a charitable organisation. This at the current time is the ONLY PLAN which is on the table. Despite what Labour councillors want you to believe, the hard fact remains that NO PLANS CURRENTLY EXIST FOR A NEW SPORTS CENTRE!

Our Labour Councillors allowed this closure to happen. They were well aware of the existing agreement between Newcastle Borough Council and the building owners Staffordshire County Council coming to an end. So much so they, extended it for another year in 2016! So don't believe the story they knew nothing! There is evidence that suggests they knew about this as far back as 2011, however in 2014 they drew up plans to build a new centre. However, guess what? Nothing happened! Despite knowing this, your Labour councillors were able to vote to spend £4.6million on building themselves a new council officers!

This shows where the priorities lie. Our local Labour councillors can manage to back building themselves a new council offices, however they allow our community to lose access to a much needed leisure resource.

This is why Kidsgrove Independents back Newcastle Borough Council providing the initial finance to help the community trust to reopen Kidsgrove Sports Centre. This provides the quickest and most cost effective way to re-provision sports facilities for the community. 

No Land Sales in NewchapelOppose any land sales in the local area by Newcastle Borough Council

Someone has to pay for all of the spending that Newcastle Borough Council have been undertaking. Sadly, your Labour led council believes that SALE OF LAND is a method to raise funds. Kidsgrove Independents totally oppose this strategy. The local area is already struggling to cope with the level of development that has taken place and fear that more land sales and development will only be to the detriment of the local community.

Kidsgrove Independents wish to see all green spaces kept exactly as that. There should be a plan in place which enables this land to be maximised and best used as community space. This means investment in public spaces improving parks and providing recreational activities for all. This is what Kidsgrove Independents will be campaigning for.

Newchapel Bus StopCampaign for investment in public transport and to oppose all cuts to council subsidies which hit the most vulnerable

The recent cuts to local bus service subsidies are appalling and hit the most vulnerable the hardest. This is why Kidsgrove Independents oppose all cuts to council subsidies for public transport and will be pushing our councils to provide the funding to enable these much relied on bus services to operate and ensure that no residents are left socially isolated. It is important for both heath and wellbeing that residents in our area have access to public transport and this is something that Kidsgrove Independents will fight for.

Why should the council be allowed to cut our services whilst still funding others? Kidsgrove Independents will ensure that this neglect of our local area will not be tolerated.

Give you a voice in the council chambers and ensure that issues in our local area are addressed and we receive a fair deal from Newcastle Borough Council

Fed up with seeing your issues neglected, whilst councillors in Newcastle can seemingly find time discuss issues surrounding Newcastle Town Centre? Sadly this appears to be happening all too often and it's about time that it stops! Kidsgrove Independents will not allow this to continue. We will be vocal champions of the local area and not afraid to challenge the establishment. We believe that its about time your local councillors put your needs first! This is why you can be assured that your views will be put to the council. We are unashamedly proud to champion our community!

Kidsgrove Independents are not standing for election to further their own political careers. They want to ensure that residents have their voice represented in the council chambers. The main stream parties will always look after political interests, where Kidsgrove Independents will look after yours! 


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